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  velag, yancey bros. co.'s voluntary employee legislative action group, encourages all yancey current and retired employees, customers, vendors and business partners to become more active in local, state and national politics!

the goals of velag are to:
   1)  provide to our network of friends, family, customers, and fellow employees, sources of appropriate unbiased political information.
   2)  provide education on matters that affect our company, the various industries we serve, and business in general.
   3)  organize a means to mobilize and respond to important political items that will arise.

as part of the velag awareness process, this website provides links to federal and state websites and to politically beneficial sites so you can more easily find out what your elected officials are doing to help you, your families and your communities. in some cases you can even email your elected officials from these sites.

we hope each one of you were able to vote in all of the 2010 primary, runoff and general elections. there will be many opportunities for you to vote early or rearrange your work shifts, with your supervisor's prior approval, for future elections.

yancey bros. co. allows up to 2 hours of paid time off for the purpose of voting. to do so, please schedule your time, in advance, with your supervisor, who in turn will notify payroll.

voting is one of the sacred rights the men and women of our armed forces have died defending for over 225 years. casting your vote honors their memory and is also a duty we owe each other as citizens our our great nation.

the current and retired employees of yancey bros. co., yancey power systems, yancey rental services, yancey bus, yancey engineered solutions and yancey truck centers are encouraged to work together to increase our fellow employees' and our neighbors' political awareness.

if you have any questions about upcoming elections or the general election process, or if you would like to help promote velag within yancey, please give rick ream in human resources a call at extension 15507 (770-819-5507 or 1-800-282-1562). he will be glad to speak with you and give you more details on becoming more politically active through velag.

this website paid for by yancey bros. co. it is intended for use by the current and retired employees of yancey bros. co., our customers, and the citizens of georgia and alabama to help broaden their knowledge of political campaigns and elections on the national, state and local levels. the information presented on this site is not intended to promote the views of any particular ideology, political party, candidate or individual. this information has been obtained or derived from sources readily available to the general public via the world wide web. the views expressed in this information, or the opinions derived from said information, do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of yancey bros. co., its owners, officers, employees, suppliers, business partners or customers.

© 2010, yancey bros. co., atlanta, ga.

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